Supercritical Water Oxidation SCWO systems and hydrothermal processing systems

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SCWOPlant™ SCWO Process Design Software

SCWOPlant™ process design software from Turbosystems Engineering allows you to perform spreadsheet modeling of supercritical water oxidation systems on your Windows or Macintosh PC. Perform mass and energy balance calculations for SCWO waste treatment equipment and biomass combustion & power generation equipment. The software allows you to vary waste and water flowrates, system pressure and system temperatures to calculate system thermodynamic performance over a wide range of conditions and plant sizes.

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Due to the wide variety of waste compositions, oxidizers and surrogates, SCWOPlant™ software is custom configured by our engineers to suit your process chemistry and equilibrium stoichiometry. SCWOPlant™ utilizes proven equation-of-state techniques to model non-ideal behavior in SCWO processing systems.

SCWOPlant™ runs under Microsoft Excel allowing you to utilize powerful Add-In features such as Goal Seek and Solver.


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